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At GUAXS we try to develop sculptural objects that change the atmosphere of a space and have an effect on the people around them. We draw our inspiration from forms of nature and cultural artifacts, always influenced by personal experiences gained during travel, intuition and close observation. Our objects are made of authentic and durable materials, handcrafted according to practical knowledge and craft techniques developed over the centuries. Each piece shows the variable traces of human work on the surface, creating an interplay between sculptural form and texture.

More specifically, the design of our glass objects combines these aspects with a nuanced and strong color impression, which leads to a smooth and natural appearance. This allows them to integrate well into any architecture, while at the same time remaining something special and magical.

At GUAXS, the distinctive character and quality of all objects starts during the creation process. Both the choice of materials and the choice of manufacturers and cutting plotters are made with the greatest care. Mastery of exceptional craftsmanship and years of experience are central to this selection. In addition, all our manufacturers come from countries where the craft has a long tradition. Only years of learning special practices and techniques can
result in a product that meets our quality level.

Many preparatory steps are required before the glass blower can blow the hot glass into a GUAXS mold.
First of all, a metal mold has to be made by hand for each piece, which corresponds exactly to our GUAXS mold. Due to the sophisticated and characteristic shapes for which GUAXS is known, such a special metal mold can only be made by the best craftsmen. Glassblowing in GUAXS molds required
the highest level of skill and concentration and can only be done by experienced craftsmen. Especially when it comes to multiple layers of colored glass, uniquely combined by GUAXS. Small bubbles that appear during the process are natural traces of handwork. After days of cooling, the different phases of grinding and polishing follow.
After several grinds have been developed and tried out in the design process, they are now finding their way to use.
The glass surface is cut by hand in several intricate and careful steps. This gives the object its own structure and unique character.
Each GUAXS shape is a unique object, a unique piece of the highest craftsmanship.

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