LUANDA | Bronze

The Luanda collection is inspired by the structure of the beech. Both the texture of the material and the deep colors enhance the feel of a weathered trunk. The shapes accentuate the simplicity and strength.

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Design name Luanda
Color Bronze

OLP1 diameter 43 cm x height 44 cm | 25 kg

OLP2 diameter 60 cm height 64 cm | 60 kg

OLP3 diameter 74 cm x height 80 cm | 90 kg

OLV1 diameter 46 cm x height 70 cm | 40 kg

OLV110 diameter 60 cm x height 110 cm | 75 kg

OLV135 diameter 83 cm x height 135 cm | 135 kg

Material Terra Cotta
Suitable for outdoor use No


To send the Luanda pot to countries outside the Netherlands, we kindly ask you to send an email to [email protected] There will be communication via e-mail about shipping costs and delivery options.

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