LAVA | Natural Brown

These large pots seem composed of random terracotta elements, but when you take a closer look, their structure changes into a system, the rhythm of nature ... This dynamic collection has different shapes.

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Design name Lava
Color Natural Brown

TLAP50 diameter 50 cm x height 35 cm | 25 kg

TLAP60 diameter 62 cm x height 47 cm | 35 kg

TLAP80 diameter 73 cm x height 53 cm | 60 kg

TLAP100 diameter 100 cm x height 80 cm | 95 kg

TLAV115 diameter 47 cm x height 115 cm | 65 kg

Material Terra Cotta
Suitable for outdoor use Yes


To order the Lava pot, please send an email to [email protected] There will be communication via e-mail about shipping costs and delivery options.


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