GRAZ | Natural Swamp

If you want to add elegance to your home, Graz offers different sizes and natural colors to suit your taste. The round shape at the bottom creates a feeling of lightness, making the planter seem to float above the ground.

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Design name Graz
Color Natural Swamp

TGZP50 diameter 48 cm x height 44 cm | 20 kg

TGZP60 diameter 58 cm x height 50 cm | 30 kg

TGZP70 diameter 68 cm x height 60 cm | 50 kg

TGZP90 diameter 88 cm x height 69 cm | 100 kg

TGZP100 diameter 98 cm x height 80 cm | 140 kg

TGZP120 diameter 118 cm height 97 cm | 200 kg

Material Terra Cotta
Suitable for outdoor use Yes


To order the Graz pot, please send an email to [email protected] There will be communication via e-mail about shipping costs and delivery options.


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