Baobab Collection

Baobab Collection
Stones - Lazuli - Max 24

The perfumed candle Lazuli possesses a refinement and a timeless elegance. The marbled glass with intense blue effects perfectly illustrates the amazing personality of Lazuli Stones.

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Baobab Collection
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Cardemom - Sea salt - Musk

The scent of sea salt and musk brings you to the borders of Tanzania, where the blue stones predominate.

Always allow the candle to burn until the surface is completely liquid. This phase can be long, especially during the first time that the candle is lit. Once the wax is completely liquid, you can leave the candle on for up to an hour. The layer of liquid wax should never be higher than one centimeter. Never exceed the maximum burn time indicated on the instructions, or do not allow it to burn to the end. Always store an inch of wax on the bottom.

Height: 24 cm
Weight: 2.5 kg
Approximate burning hours: 400 hours

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