Baobab Collection

Baobab Collection
Platinum Diffuser

Platinum is the embodiment of a precious interior. Inspired by the rarest metal in the world, its silver-white color offers exceptional clarity.

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Baobab Collection
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Amber - Grapefruit

The notes of amber and citrus in the scent of Platinum give this scent refined accents. This combination enriched with grapefruit extract is reminiscent of a masculine world of rare elegance.

Arrange all sticks in the spreader and let the spreading happen. Turn the sticks around if you want to increase the intensity of the odor spread.
Height: 19 cm
Content: 500 ml

The lifespan of a home perfume is at least 5 months. It depends on how often you turn the sticks, the temperature in your room and the season.


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